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Catalog Printing SugarlandHere at Brookside we love Catalog Printing! Whether it is black or full color Catalog Printing we are experts at it. There are other names for Catalog Printing such as newsletters, manuals, guides, booklets and multi page brochures just to name a few. Standard sizes can vary from 8.5x11, 5.5x8.5, 8.5x5.5 and 8.5x7. Whatever your catalog needs are we can help! There are different ways to Catalog Printing depending on quantity, color coverage, and other complex determinations. This is where we shine, we can fit your booklet to the most efficient and best suited equipment for your particular job. Because every catalog is unique and custom it requires experts from prepress to the printing to binding and ultimately boxed and delivered. Here at Brookside we will even take pride in the way your catalogs are delivered and boxed.

Catalog Printing is a great way to market your business. We have 30 years of experience and have seen the exodus in the early 2000’s from Catalog Printing or newsletters to emailed newsletters and catalogs. As email boxes filled up with junk mail the readership dropped over the years, and now research shows marketing pieces that are printed and/or mailed have a higher reader rate. Having a tangible communication in the hands of your customer translates into SALES!!

Do you need your Catalog mailed? No problem, we can fold tab address and even stuff them in an envelope and seal it, then drop them at the post office.  We have presorted or bulk mail rates if your catalog qualifies.

I know there are many printers to choose from; but know this we appreciate your business, and desire to do a great job and exceed your expectations with knowledgeable, professional and old fashion customer service.


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